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LAWS Construction is well accomplished in heavy highway construction. New roadways, intersection reconfigurations, bridge replacements and all that go along with it are performed in house. Drainage installations, grading and curbs/sidewalks are installed with expert pedigree, creating a quality finished product that will last for decades to come. Value engineering services provide reduced costs while still accomplishing the project goals.
From large diameter water main to distribution lines LAWS Construction can handle it all. Related scopes of work from excavation, disposal of soils, installation of water main, transfer of service and backfill/restoration are all provided in house. Our crews are experienced with the many challenges that are often presented from utility interference, tree root and rock. Our top-notch personnel and vast equipment are able to overcome in a productive and efficient manner to move the job forward.
Whether it’s interference from electric, gas or telecom LAWS Construction has vast expertise in dealing with them all. From support to relocation of utilities we will find the most cost effective and time saving manner to work around the situation. Having worked both directly and indirectly for the major utilities we have the experience and know how to get the job done.
Shallow or deep excavations are no problem for LAWS Construction. Our team will expertly plan the work and execute it in an expeditious and above all safe manner. Proper sheeting protocols are always adhered to, ensuring worker safety and the stability of the open excavation. On the ground extra safety precautions are taken to ensure both pedestrians and vehicles can traverse the work area safely. Once complete, we are diligent to ensure proper compaction during backfill to minimize callbacks post restoration.
No matter the conditions our crews can get the job done. From main line box sewer to clay pipe, our crews have installed them all. Any rock excavation and pump around is easily accomplished with in house equipment. From large machine hammers to small rock splitters, we are prepared for any situation. Our experience includes many challenging installations such as large box sewer on top of piles in a busy street.
Extensive parks reconstruction experience has resulted in an efficient method to upgrade public recreation sites. Scopes typically performed include contaminated/hazardous materials disposal (including EPA compliance), drainage, excavation, water, grading, synthetic turf fields, fencing, concrete curbs/sidewalks as well as paver installation. Installation of playground equipment, adult fitness equipment and basketball court reconstruction are also our specialties. From start to finish LAWS Construction will upgrade your park with expert precision.
Removals, excavation and grading set the groundwork for any project. Our technologically advanced equipment allows for reduced site grading time and ensure the design intent is met. LAWS Construction not only identifies any issues early on in the process to minimize unexpected delays but also develops practical solutions. Site drainage, curbs and sidewalk construction are also performed in house with qualified and experienced personnel.
From deep sewer manholes to staircases to poured in place cantilever walls LAWS does it all. Our crews are experienced with most types of precast concrete from manholes to RPZ structures to precast walls. We make quick work of complicated poured in place concrete projects from retaining walls to headwalls to step streets to custom sewer chambers. Curbs and sidewalk installations are managed in an effective and well-planned manner to minimize pedestrian disruption.
Managing stormwater both during and post construction are an integral part of any project. LAWS Construction specializes in drainage installations from large diameter piping to onsite stormwater management systems. Only the highest quality materials and aggregates are utilized, and on-site staff ensures the proper quantities of materials are installed, ensuring the system to function as designed. Grades and pitch are maintained throughout installation and confirmed as the work progresses. As required as built conditions are documented to afford confidence in the product and help create a record for any future service needs.

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